Environmental Science and Public Health Research eConference

PubHealEnviRes-eCon2023 (Edition1)

12 June 2023 (London GMT+1) and 13 June 2023 (Tokyo GMT+9)


Ecology and the Environment, Environmental Science and Engineering, Health Economics, Occupational Safety and Health, Toxicology and Public Health


Welcome From The Conference Secretariat


Dear Colleagues,

The Research Catalyst is privileged to organize Environmental Science and Public Health Research eConference (PubHealEnviRes-eCon2023 (Edition1)) to be held from 12 June 2023 (London GMT+1) and 13 June 2023 (Tokyo GMT+9) Online. The conference aims to share new ideas, possibilities, and the latest technological advances among students, professionals, researchers, scientists, and industrialists in Environmental Research and Public Health and technology to provide better solutions to everyday challenges.

PubHealEnviRes-eCon2023 (Edition1) provides an advanced online forum for the science and technology of Environmental Research and Public Health and their applications. The online conference is expected to foster oral presentations, poster presentations, and private lounge meetings for networking among participants. The conference aims to encourage scientists to present their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible through their presentations.

The theme of the conference focuses on recent innovations and applications in Environmental Research and Public Health and includes technical sessions and interactive discussions.

The conference will discuss how polymer research helps in engineering practical systems to help different fields of engineering and science. Major breakthroughs in these fields and the role of Environmental Research and Public Health to raise the bar in the scientific field will be the major goal of discussions and sessions of the conference. The conference encourages the exchange of ideas and knowledge across multiple disciplines of Environmental Research and Public Health technology and includes plenary, keynote lectures, video, and poster presentations.

We look forward to seeing you at PubHealEnviRes-eCon2023 (Edition1).

Kris G
Conference Secretary
The Research Catalyst

Invited speakers
Lohuwa Mamudu

California State University, USA

Jean Marie Kayembe Ntumba

University of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Davide Staedler

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Janet Michel

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Switzerland

Michel Nicolas

University of Bourgogne, France

Karan Chugani

StarLab, Spain

María Paula Lechuga Sancho

University of Cadiz, Spain

Sagit Lev

Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Badria Al Hadabi

Sultan Qaboos University, Oman


The registration fee includes access to all conference sessions, a conference participation certificate, and an abstract book (pdf).
Participation to the conference is considered final only once the registration fees have been paid. The number of participants is limited: once the number of paid registrations reaches the maximum number of participants, unpaid registrations will be canceled.

Certificate of Attendance: Upon request, the participants of the event will receive an electronic Certificate of Attendance by email once the event is concluded.

Members of partnering societies will receive a 20% discount on the registration fees. For special discount and group discount requests contact the conference secretariat at: theresearchcatalyst.com/contact

  • Air pollution and public health: assessing the impacts of particulate matter and ozone on human health
  • Environmental justice and equity: exploring disparities in exposure to environmental hazards and health outcomes across communities
  • Waterborne diseases: identifying and preventing outbreaks of waterborne illnesses in developing countries
  • Climate change and vector-borne diseases: examining the link between rising temperatures and the spread of diseases carried by mosquitoes and ticks
  • Sustainable urban design: incorporating environmental and public health considerations into urban planning and development
  • Food safety and security: assessing the risks and challenges of ensuring access to safe and nutritious food for all populations
  • Environmental education and outreach: designing effective programs and strategies to raise awareness of environmental health issues and encourage behavior change
  • Toxicology and risk assessment: evaluating the health risks associated with exposure to hazardous chemicals and pollutants
  • Emerging contaminants: exploring the health effects of exposure to new and emerging environmental pollutants, such as microplastics and PFAS
  • Green infrastructure and ecosystem services: examining the health benefits of natural systems and green infrastructure in urban and rural areas
  • Occupational health and safety: assessing the health risks faced by workers in various industries and identifying strategies for improving workplace safety and health
  • Climate adaptation and resilience: exploring strategies for adapting to the health impacts of climate change and building resilience in vulnerable communities
  • One health approach: exploring the interconnections between human, animal, and environmental health and their implications for public health
  • Environmental health policy and regulation: assessing the effectiveness of environmental regulations and policies in protecting public health and promoting sustainability
  • Health impact assessments: evaluating the potential health effects of proposed policies, projects, and interventions to inform decision-making and promote health equity
Conference Schedule


12 JUNE 2023



11:30 AM

Diversity in the methods used to measure physical activity domains

By AlHadabi Badria

Sultan Qaboos University, Oman


11:55 AM

Ageism among home caregivers: The contribution of the caregiver’s  physical, mental, and social vulnerability

By Sagit Lev

Bar-Ilan University, Israel


12:20 PM

"Embedding impact evaluation into program monitoring and evaluation as scrutiny on impact increases"

By Janet Michel

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Switzerland


12:45 PM

Person-centered approach to explore the big four of the Psychological Adaptation Processes (PAP) in extreme environments: the effect of Optimism

By Michel Nicolas

University of Bourgogne, France


1:10 P M

Monitoring of fine particulate air pollution (PM2.5), air quality and impact on respiratory health in the city of Kinshasa (DR Congo)

By Jean Marie Kayembe Ntumba

University in Liège,Belgium


1:35 PM

Cognitive Screening Based On Eeg Markers For Clinical Trial Stratification

By Karan Chugani



2:00 PM

Do hospitals have effective online sustainability disclosure?

By María Paula Lechuga Sancho

University of Cadiz,Spain


2:25 PM


By Sortwell Andrew

Health and Human Development,Portugal



2:50 PM

Differences in the Perceived Likelihood of Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

By Lohuwa Mamudu

California State University, USA